freelance websitesThe brand new site – Freelancer is the best choice among all the freelance websites out there, if you want to hire someone or find projects to work online.

On this freelancing site you can post design contests like logo or website contest and have hundreds of designers compete for your prize. This is called
crowd-sourcing and it’s a mega invention on the world of freelancing.

Hiring and working on these outsourcing websites is safer, easier and more profitable than finding anonymous people on forums or social media that you cannot trust. I don’t say you cannot find honest people on the internet, I’m just saying it’s better to have a safe playground which is mediated by a trustworthy platform.

On these freelance websites presented here, all transactions are mediated in a safe environment to assure fairness and transparency. You can stay relaxed that the workers will complete the job, otherwise you don’t pay and in the same time for workers, the are assured that they will receive the money if they complete the job.

This is top 3 plus 4 mentions of the all-time best freelancing sites. They are the oldest, most trustworthy and reliable websites designed for outsourcing and freelance jobs.


 Top 3 Freelance Websites with Reviews

1. Freelancer -

The most visited freelance website in the World (449 global ranking according to Alexa) and the largest outsourcing marketplace.

Freelancer acquired one of the biggest player in the business, vWorker, after the acquisition of Scriptlance, making a huge expansion and creating almost a monopoly.

You can find a lot of projects at fair prices, but a relatively high competition.

It was started in 2003 and connects to more than 7 million employers and freelancers from all over the World.

- Disadvantages: There are a lot of jobs to choose from and you get lost…

+ Advantages: Free bidding for workers. Very fast & convenient to work on the platform. Accepts PayPal and Skrill.

[+] Read Freelancer Review.


2. Elance -

If you want a world of talent on your fingertips, Elance is the best website to hang around.

Started in 1999, this babe is almost on the top of the list with over 90.000 jobs posted each month.

You can find web designers, developers, writers, Search Engine Optimization experts and anyone you need, from all over the world.

- Disadvantages: 8.75% fee. You must verify a PayPal account or a CC (Credit Card).

+ Advantages: Very User-friendly, High Quality workers & Escrow services.

[+] Read Elance Review


3. oDesk

The bronze medal is going to oDesk. Ranked 495 in Alexa Top, higher than Elance, oDesk is a very professional platform where a lot of successful businesses outsource their work.

They have cool features like sharing the desktop and verifying the time worked with visual time sheets. If you want a virtual assistant or you have an ongoing project, Odesk is the best choice in the matter.

- Disadvantages: You must verify you credit card.

+ Advantages: High quality. Super fast work. Small prices.


This top is made after careful research, including personal experience, statistics and major trends in the business world.

Other Great Websites


This domain was first registered in 1988, but the website has a ten times smaller amount of traffic, compared with Freelancer.

Alexa Traffic Rank for Guru is  4,179, where Freelancer is at 434 at the top of the most visited websites in the World. So you will find fewer freelance workers and projects here.

Peopleperhour -

This freelance website is ranked  4.201 in Alexa and it was started in 2007, so it’s relatively new compared with top 3 websites.


This is not an usual freelance website where you bid for projects, but rather a funny website where you can get people to do things only for five dollars. For example a project looks like “I will send 2500 twitter followers for $5″. Cool… right?


More about freelance jobs

On these websites it’s very easy to find freelance jobs or hire and delegate others to do the work for you. There are a lot of good options to search or post freelance work about a multitude of projects in:

Website Design, Graphic Design, Data Entry, Freelance Writing, SEO, Mobile Apps, Java, WordPress, PHP, Transcription,  Translation and anything else, …

If you are a passionate freelancer or if you want to outsource online work, you should definitely check one or more of these websites.


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