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Freelancer Review

review of freelancerThis is my review about Freelancer, from the perspective of a freelancer and employer.

As a freelancer

You will have a great time finding jobs and projects to work on. There is a lot of competition from all over the World, and if you don’t have the patience and the skills, you would better get a job at McDonald.

If you dare to find projects at Freelancer, I warned you right from the start. You can make a lot of money there, but you do need to work hard and smart.

As an employer to find freelancers

In no more than 10 minutes you will receive loads of proposals. So you have a lot of workers to choose from.

Posting a job at Freelancer is very convenient, but you need to register a PayPal account or a Credit Card before you can hire someone, so you can pay the workers.

Overall it’s a very fast and secure platform to work on.

Freelancer became this year in 2013 the first freelance website in the World, surpassing Elance, with the recent acquisition of vWorker and Scriptlance.

Have fun at Freelancer

Freelancer has an annual competition in which they reward $25.000 in the contest “Expose out Logo”

Freelancer recently reached 7 million users, but I think there are a lot of duplicate accounts per user, so in reality there are 4-5 million people at most.

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